Magic Grate Science

What is behind spamgrate

It has a simple open source technology.
Spamgrate is made by CentOS, Apache, MySQL, Bootstrap, Public domain Whois, Multi RBL and much more

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Let's talk how work

Start from header analysing of mail and we send verification mail at mail receiver email address, that we get automatic from the mail header. and after submitting verification code we list it to our site with other possible details such company name, other email address and contact number of public domain Whois information and after all we check spam mailing server IP from multi RBL. and report to Spamhouse as a spammer.

  • Mail Header Analysis

    This first and a very important part to start grate, here we ask users to provide spam mail header. that can be found very easy this method. here we collect sender and receiver all information that need to identify email information.

  • Spam reporter verification

    This is a verification step where we verify that reporting user is genuine or fake. so we auto detects spam mail receiver for header and send a verification mail to receiver email address. once the user provides back that code and completed the verification process than your spam complaints will be submitted to MBL and it can be only removed by spam complain submitter.

    if you are looking for delisting process than you can see here its methods.

  • Mail sending Domain Whois Lookup

    After getting a verified spam report, we lookup automatic on the sender domain Whois data to get domain owner and company name and address with the possible google map, address by which internet user can easily identify that sender company/user is fake and not able to take any service from that company/provider.

  • Multi RBL Lookup

    once we have collected sender information on our MBL, we look up for multi RBL blacklists like SPAMCANNIBAL, BSB Domain, SEM FRESH, Spamhaus DBL etc. total we check on 23 RBLs. after that we submit it to google directory by which public user can easily find on the inter and be careful from such spammers.

  • Finely list to MBL

    After RBL Lookup we submit it to MBL and report it to Google webmaster to store it in the directory, by which user can easily get such spammer information and once spammer is listed here, it can not removed by our end. it can removed by only spam mail receiver after 7 days of listing here. and after once removel if again spam report come to us than it can not be removed before 30 days.