Email Headers

Note: Once you have gotten your email headers, please feel free to use our Email Header Analyzer And Reporting Tool.

When reporting spam that slips past the filters, it is essential that we receive the full message headers from a message. Additionally, sometimes our Support department may request the full headers from an email message in order to troubleshoot mail delivery problems.

Every single Internet e-mail message is made up of two parts the header and the message body of the email. Every single email you send or receive on the Internet contains an Internet Header, a full and valid e-mail header provides a detailed log of the network path taken by the message between the mail sender and the mail receiver(s) (email servers).

Your email client program will usually hide the full header or display only lines, such as From, To, Date, and Subject, see below for more information on pulling headers for your email client:

  1. Outlook 2003
  2. Outlook 2007
  3. Outlook 2010
  4. Outlook Express
  5. Outlook 97
  6. Outlook 98
  7. Outlook 2000
  8. Outlook 2002
  9. Microsoft Exchange
  10. Zimbra
  11. Entourage
  12. Mac OS X Mail
  13. Outlook Express for Macintosh
  14. Gmail (works for Google Apps as well)
  15. Yahoo!
  16. AOL
  17. Hotmail
  18. Eudora
  19. Netscape, Mozilla or Thunderbird
  20. Lotus Notes
  21. Pine
  22. XtraMail
  23. Pegasus Mail
  24. Claris Emailer
  25. Mail Warrior
  26. Juno
  27. Novell Groupwise

Note: If we are missing any email client details than please report us at [email protected]